Epic Pacific Island Photos

This December regular as clockwork I’ll be back in the Pacific Islands guiding our Least Visited Countries Tour. These nations despite being some of the least visited truly are some of the most beautiful on earth.

I’ve decided to collect together my most epic images from the Pacific, as well as linking to a few cool videos we did through Pioneer Media.

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Enenkio Island Majuro

 Coconut on Enenkio Island near Majuro.

WW2 Guns in Tarawa

Two kids looking gangsters next to a WW2 gun turret in Tarawa.

Underwater post office in Vanuatu

Underwater post office in Port Vila Vanuatu. Sexy body provided by Alistair Riddell.


Mashed up WW2 stuff in Tuvalu.

Traditional dancing in Honiara

Took a picture of this cutey at the Hotel Honiara in the Solomon Islands. It is really a great hotel.


More love from one of our guests on Tuvalu.

Kava in Vanuatu

It’s about Kava in Vanuatu. Tastes like shit I’m not gonna lie.

Street food Honiara

The street food of the Solomon Islands is truly amazing!


Group partying in Tarawa! This was by the parliament building.


Gassing up our ride Funafuti style! Scooter riding is great fun in Tuvalu.

Shortest point in Funafuti

Tuvalu’s shortest point! Global warming is real people.

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