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Air China Domestic flight food

I suppose on any internal flight you should be grateful to receive any food, but usually on internal Chinese flights the grub is ok. I was therefore somewhat excited to be flying with Air China from Guilin to Xian. I was to be disappointed somewhat.

First came the drinks. A bottle of water. No other choices, just water. Like a 19th century jail.

Then came the food. I had already been slightly disappointed by the “selection” at Guilin VIP lounge, but what would Air China provide? A mystery package…..

The mystery package contained an apple. Fruit should never be included in a flight meal UNLESS it is a sickly sweet fruit salad. Some inedible biscuits, a yogurt (which was OK) and mystery burger…I was nothing if not intrigued.

The mystery burger actually looked very familiar, I opened it, and it also tasted familiar. It was basically the infamous Air Koryo Burger, famous for being, well, not all that great. Of course I duly ate it, and thankfully was able to wash it down with coke swooped from the lounge on Guilin. A meal though it was not.

Air China domestic flight food gets a 1/5 according to the Street Food Guy.

Written by Gareth

Gareth Johnson is the founder of Young Pioneer Tours, a published writer, and all round entrepreneur. He enjoys street food, and encourage others to get paid to travel the world.

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