Street Food Barbar (Sudan)

The further north we travel the more security level 4 and off the grid Sudan seems to become. Photos aren’t banned, but people are hardly cool about them either.

The more into the boonies you get the harder food options become, but our hosts decided on a stop in Berber, which let’s just say is hardly a Metropilis….

But, as women say size doesn’t matter and we found ourselves a restaurant. One problem that does exist though is shortages of bread, a problem that pre-dates the revolution and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Breadlines delay lunch daily.

Lunch was simple enough, but more than did a job. A simple salad, chicken, the aforementioned bread, beans, and a super salty goats cheese called gibna (probably spelt wrong).

The beans were like baked beans from home, but without ketchup, or much flavour. Luckily our resident redneck had brought some Cajun salt. As I was fast learning Cajun toppings can fix any meal.

They also provided genuinely cold water, a rarely and something I decided to pour over my head rather than drink, whilst imagining it was vodka….

Sudanese street food was hitting the spot, and we were ready to continue the quest to liberate Bir Tawil.

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