Guide to Khartoum International Airport

I usually do a set formula for my airport guides, but Khartoum airport is such a shit show the rule book is getting ripped up. Khartoum airport is even more shit than Port Moresby.

Here’s my guide to surviving Khartoum International Airport.

Whats the process at Khartoum international airport?

Firstly there are inadequate facilities for the flight checking meaning massive lines.

Whats immigration like at Khartoum airport?

You need to show your ticket and passport to someone before you get to immigration (pre-immigration), then there’s one line for foreigners. It is slow.

What is there to do in departures at Khartoum airport?

Departures at Khartoum is tiny, with less than half the people having enough seats. There’s some very bad souvenir shops, and a good stall. There is no priority pass lounge in Khartoum. Oh and this is pre-security.

What is security like at Khartoum airport?

So bad you do it three times. First to get into airport, secondly on boarding time, then thirdly straight after the second security check. You then line for your flight, where do some agains checks ticket and boarding pass. Finally you are at your gate. Obviously your flight will be running late.

Highlights of Khartoum airport?

They have a machine where you can leave feedback.

Can you smoke st Khartoum international airport?

Yes, in a very small smoking room.

Conclusion on said airport

It’s the only way to fly in abd out of Sudan, until the Chinese finish the $400,000,000 new Khartoum airport, which will be 40km out of town. For now, suck it up buttercup.

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