Waking up in the desert

Turns out sleeping in a Sudanese desert is pretty cool, but waking up to sunrise is even better. Craping in the sand, less so.

When we woke it was surprisingly cold for Sudan, although rather comfortable for someone of an English persuasion. And as the sun cane up I duly posed in my undercrackers for numerous photos.

Breakfast was a simple affair consisting of bread, jam, and Sudanese bread, before we were left with some time to pack, and play with the locals. Many a trinket was purchased, whilst two of us took a donkey ride. It was time to leave.

On our first stop near Al Damir I was able to embrace a few of my loves, Sudanese street food, tea, and cola quest.

Al Hamda street food consisted of falafel with a boiled egg in bread for around 50 cents. Very pleasant, and touch wood I don’t yet have the shits.

Tea in Sudan is a big deal and comes white with a lot of sugar. We were also served cold bottled water, which despite obvious dangers I decided was worth testing my iron clad constitution.

sudanese tea
Sudanese Tea

Regular readers (if they exist) will know much love of colaquest (the search for different cokes, so i was all about Pasgianos, the Sudanese made coke. On the cola quest scale, better than North Korean coke, not as good as Cuban.

As rest stops go it was cool enough, and although it was technically a bit forbidden we managed a few cheeky photos.

I even managed to sport my Tamarawa Philippines national Rugby League shirt, although no one seemed to notice, nor care…

And all of this before mid-day. I was a happy little street food boy.

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