Best Coffee Shop and pool in Siem Reap

Bern Bern Coffee is a bit of an obscure place in an obscure part of Siem Reap, but it’s bloody good, so therefore justifies a blog.

It’s located on Melbourne avenue near the Siem Reap eye. Now this is only 10 minutes drive from town, but if you talk to locals you’d think it’s in Siberia. It’s not, but it is the area wended you living.

The Pool in Bern Bern cafe
Enjoying poolside Bern Bern cafe Siem Reap

I’ll add that the houses in Melbourne Place are also wonderful and more importantly cheap to live in, but as always I digress….

I’ll start with Bern Bern cafe. It has coffee, tea, coke, but more importantly beer! We like to spend our afternoons swimming with a beer on ice. I’ll even go out on a limb and say that I’m glad they don’t have liquor, as much as the old cocktail wouldn’t go a miss.

Bern Bern Coffee
Bern Bern Coffee

Food is a little more on the simple side, in that they have toasted ham or tuna sandwiches and ice-cream, not reinvention of wheel, but perfectly adequate for a day by the pool.

Waterside Hotel Phnom Penh

Now let’s finish with my best pool in Siem Reap claim. Due to lack of tourists pools are not being looked after, Nic Song-Dok got eye infection from pool at Ok Hotel Phnom Penh, whilst I got manly arm from Waterfront Hotel also of Phnom Penh. Siem Reap pools seem to be under equally bad repair, except for our dear old Bern Bern cafe and pool.

Nic Song-Dok Siem Reap

So, there it is our coronavirus poolside haven in Siem Reap

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