How to get from Palau to Pohnpei

Well before we move onto the frivolities I’ll deal with one quick point. Guam – country 151, yes Guam counts as a country.

After 4 days of kicking it in Palau, it was time to leave on our way to Pohnpei, the capital of the Federated States of Micronesia (country 152). To get there though was to be quite the arduous march.

Firstly the flight leaves Palau International Airport at 03.35 am, meaning you will need a super late check out from your hotel.

If you can stretch it come to Palau Airport maybe 90 minutes before the flight. Inside there’s a bar ($5 a beer), and a very uninteresting duty-free shop.

Two hours later you are in Guam, that’s 🇬🇺 as in America, the airport staff were rude on arrival when you get to the airport in Guam. Remember you will ESTA, and all that other crap – if you have interesting stamps be prepared for the interview.

The time difference means you have about an hour from arrival to theoretical boarding. Guam International Airport is actually pretty decent, there’s a lounge, a Burger King, and evening the holy grail, a smoking room.

The Guam onwards flight is then part of the Island Hopper Service, so you gotta do stops. Heard of the state/island of Chuuk? Well, that’s where you fly.

Guam to Chuuk is a relatively pain free 90 minutes, although with the flight being with United there is next to no food (don’t miss the BK in Guam). Amusingly I was sat next to a mechanic, who had real food. Depressing.

Guam to Chuuk is usually full, top tip? Grab the exit aisle and volunteer to help, they don’t usually place people here.

And then in next to no time you’re in the Federated States of Micronesia! And that is the long and short of how to travel from Palau to Micronesia.

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