Albanian Food Pictures

With my time filming in Albania now at an end, thus my culinary adventure in the Balkans will also change (next stop Kosovo).

Overall, I have been a huge fan of the food and drink in Albania and Albanian cuisine is up there with the best.

Highlights have been bowls of melted cheese, Qofte and Albanian Raki.

I’ll be searching out gems in Kosovo next, but if history has taught me anything, that might be harder than it sounds…..

Here are some of the favourite food pictures from my time living in Albania.

Probably my favourite dish (other than Rakia). Backed Kackavall is basically a bowl of melted cheese. Really good shit.

Qofte is spicy cheese sauce near the castle in Gjirokaster. Great meal and a great town.

Qofte is a meatball shaped like a sausage that costs 30 cents. These are always everyday.

Local draft Tirana beer at Amazonia Restaurant our favourite place. Bonus point for spotting the hottie in the background.

Honey being sold on the road from Tirana to Gjirokaster.

Rakia, espresso, and a used ashtray next to a no-smoking sign. The Street Food Guy drops the mic. 

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