Coconut delivery in Cambodia

Coconut delivery in Cambodia! There are some things that truly still amaze me about living in South-East Asia and just how different it is to back home. It must be 20+ years since we stopped having milk delivered to our doorsteps. Yes, I was one of those shits that would come back from a club and steal milk.

OK, so with Amazon and all that jazz things have kind of gone full circle a bit, but i’m talking classic stuff. In Cambodia there is a guy on a tricycle with a bunch of coconuts on the back. He then shouts “daung”, which amusingly sounds like dong. Ding means penis and this amuses me.

Coconut delivery in Cambodia

So the daung (ដូង) man spends his days with a lovely bunch of coconuts, riding his bike around looking for customers. After hearing his hours you then head down and buy your coconut.

Standard price is 3000 Rial, which is about 75 cents. To understand the confusing situation with Cambodian currencies you can check this link . He then chops off the top, hands you a straw and you head home to drink it.

My Duang man now knows me so well that when I am smoking on my balcony he shouts up at me, if i;m in the mood he delivers to may door. This is literally a Cambodian milkman, well coconut milk.

Coconut ដូង the super food!

And coconut is genuinely one of those proper super foods. Coconut juice is really god for you and is even kept friendly.

To read about kept in Cambodia click here .

Fun fact I had a friend who had Chikungunya and was actually prescribed coconut juice by the doctor. I’m not quite sure if it actually helped, or not, but people take the health benefits seriously.

Oh and then you get to throw a spoon in and eat out the flesh, not bad for under a dollar.

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