Coconut Crab in Tuvalu

Tuvalu is my favourite country in the world, but also amazingly the 3rd least visited! I’m not sure why so few people visit, although the cost of flights is probably a decent part of it!

On our last trip to Funafuti we did our usual touring round the island type thing, but also decided to have a day of island hopping! Well not really hopping, more taking a boat to one island and then hanging out for the day, well until a MASSIVE storm arrived….

During our time on the island, (of which the name I cannot remember, I only know it was owned by the ex Prime-Minister) our local guide caught a coconut crab! Which in itself was pretty cool, but it would also provide our dinner that night!

A coconut crab, AKA the “robber crab” is so-called because it hangs out around coconuts I guess. It has only two known predictors, other crabs, and us. Humans like them because they’re huge!!!

After escaping the immense storm we had a BBQ taft night and got to try said seafood delight. I’ve gotta say it was pretty decent as coconut goes, but a really tough shell, and somewhat a fishy smell. We were lucky enough that the lovely Tuvaluan ladies were kind enough to smash out the meat for us, which was soft abd largely melted on your mouth. I’m a fan of the coconut crab.

The evening was finished with whisky, rum, vodka, and the beautiful sound of the Tuvaluan waves in the lagoon. It had been a good day.

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