Epic Pictures from Bir Tawil

You will see very little photos online from Bir Tawil as so few people have been here, despite how many “claim” the land.

Well I have very much been to Bir Tawl. Here’s a selection of my favourite photos from our recent trip there. And I’ll throw in a big thanks to the Sudanese, and Bir Tawilians that helped out on this tour. Bir Tawil does not belong to anyone, but it does have inhabitants.

Let the epic images of Bir Tawil commence!

Sunset on our first night in Bir Tawil

Sunset in Bir Tawil

I read that when the kingdom of North Sudan had its war with the crazy Russian claimant, the big argument was no GPS proof. We make no claim other than we were very much there.

Basically there’s a capital settlement of Bir Tawil, called Bir Tawil. We were treated to dinner!

Lunch in Bir Tawil

Bir Tawil isn’t unpopulated. Here’s our lunch at the main settlement.

Claiming Bir Tawil

We decided not to claim Bir Tawil, because simply planting a flag doesn’t make it yours, sorry everyone that claims Bir Tawil!

In the rainy season this part of Bir Tawil is a lake. It wasn’t rainy season.

Sunrise in Bir Tawil

Our last morning in Bir Tawil befute fixing our departure.

The Bir Tawilians are well armed, you can’t just take their land. But if you come in peace, they might let you play with their guns!

Our legendary team cooking at the settlement in Bir Tawil

We shall be posting more photos of Bir Tawil soon, but thars what we have for now.

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