Guide to the Birkenhead (Liverpool) to Belfast Ferry

Given the choice between a ship and a plane, I will usually pop for the ferry every time. Thus for this journey, I opted for the (awful) Wizz Air flight from Varna to Liverpool before transferring from Liverpool to the ferry terminal in Birkenhead.

What is the Birkenhead to Belfast Ferry Timetable?

You can check this link for EXACT times, but there’s a nightly service that technically leaves at 22.30, and arrives at 06.30 the next day. On our journey, we left late and arrived at 7 am, which was fine with me. There’s also a day service which runs from 10.30 am and arrives in Belfast at 18.30.

Is it easy to get to the Stena-Line port in Birkenhead?

Bus and train are quickest and easiest. You can check my blog, but it’s under $10, and just over an hour including a 20-minute walk. But keep in mind it will involve a walk as for whatever reason there is no bus connection to the ferry terminal (makes no sense).

How much does it cost to take the ferry from Liverpool to Belfast?

Again, you can check the link here for full prices, but fares (without beds) start at around $30 (20 pounds), going up to $120 (100 pounds) for the “2 berths” disabled room.

What are the rooms on the Stena-Line ferry like?

On the date of my sailing, the only available room was the 2 berth disabled room. I am not really sure how this would work as I am not disabled (jokes aside fellas), and the top bed was not exactly wheelchair friendly. My opinion is that they don’t book them out to strangers, so if you book alone you get your own room. Happy days! Had plugs, a telly, and a bathroom. Stena-Line to Belfast is not exactly a cruise, but they got stuff going on.

What is there to do on the Liverpool to Belfast Ferry?

There are bars (that close at midnight), restaurants, a trucker’s café and a “lounge”. I took the plunge and dropped $20 (17 pounds on the lounge). It wasn’t worth it for olives, and cans of sugar-free Sprite, although I did manage a few glasses of wine (there was no alcoholic beer).

I did an 11 quid ($14) fish and chips, I am English overall, which was a bit of letdown.

The Street Food Guy loved the disabled room on the Belfast ferry! Was disappointed with the lounge, and very impressed with my sunrise. Food passenger from Liverpool to Belfast passed my test!

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