How to order food in China?

How to order food in China? Well it is actually not only really easy, but very convenient.

There are certain things that China really excels at, such as digital payments, and online deliveries that make going back to even western countries like the UK seem like a cross between going back in time, and watching your gran try and use a remote control.

Chinese food is also damned cheap, meaning it is extremely easy to survive in China without ever turning on a cooker! Which happens to many an expat….

Now whilst these apps have been big for a while, a certain big event this year in China, namely COVID-19 has turned food delivery into a very important aspect of Chinese life.

So, lets down to some Beijing order out business!

The three main ways to order food in China are through Meituan Waimai, and to a much smaller extent Baidu’s Eleme, and Sherpa. Sherpa is the only one to have English, but sadly only services a few areas.

To set up Meituan you will need either a WeChat, or Alipay account to pay (no they do not take visa) and ideally someone Chinese that can help you do it (no they do not have an English version). Once it is set up though the app is quite intuitive, and simply remembering what buttons do what will make up for a lack of ability in the Chinese language! Getting a Beijing order out really isn’t that hard.

Another two great aspects of getting deliveries in China is that restaurants are now going into competition with each other, and you will often get far better deals having it delivered than if you were to go into the restaurant itself.

And, perhaps most importantly of all McDonalds, Burger King, and KFC will also deliver hangover food directly to your office, or home! Although be aware I have personally witnessed KFC delivering bastardized buckets WITHOUT original recipe.

You have ben warned!

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