Bột Chiên in Saigon

How to find Bot Chien

I guess I must be feeling nostalgic for all things Vietnam (did I mention I got to hang out with Tom Green in Saigon), for whilst going through my old pictures I spotted this gem.

I’ve said it before, and I shall say it again, there really is no greater pleasure than getting lost down a Vietnamese side street and trying whatever food gets in your way, and this was how I discovered Bot Chien.

So, what is Bot Chien (Bột Chiên)?

To cut a long story short, Bot Chien is the Vietnamese version of a rice-cake comparable to Chinese style rice cakes but with a Vietnamese twist. Vietnamese rice cakes are made simply from rice (who would have guessed) and tapioca starch and then cut into cubes before being fried with very liberal amounts of lard.

The rice cake is then cooked until it is golden brown on the outside, before just to make things even funnier they throw on an egg! Why not indeed?

The egg cooks on the outside (as more and more oil is added) creating an almost omelet like effect whilst our skilled cook also added green onions, salt, pepper and bizarrely a few little pork cracklings.

And then you are presented with a HUGE plate (I wish I had not eaten before ordering Bot Chien).

To say what Bot Chien did heartily would be doing it a massive disservice, and whilst it was greasy as hell, it was also extremely tasty, with the egg really complimenting the rice cakes and the obligatory hot sauce always being welcome.

Finished Bột Chiên

Overall Bot Chien is well worth trying and with the egg element, I feel it makes a fabulous breakfast option, although it is not my favourite style of rice-cake, for that my heart with always remain firmly routed in Seoul.

The Street Food guy suggests Bột Chiên in Ho Chi Minh City

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