People in China no longer drinking Corona

A slightly more lighthearted piece than usual (of late anyway), but from the numerous memes, and other bits and bobs I’d honestly wondered what was happening with Corona (the beer not the virus)?

Previously Corona has always been popular in China, one might even call it a bit of a hipster drink, always with a lime (or lemon), and available in most markets, and supermarkets. But does the phrase “no such thing as bad publicity” ring true?

I’ll be straight on this right away, I’ve done zero research, nor have any numbers in front of me. What i am going on is a picture my friend sent me from Xi’an. A picture paints a thousand words, and these lonely few Coronas left in the fridge says a lot. Apparently it’s been reduced to $1.40 but folk still don’t fancy it.

Fear? Respect? Who knows, but it seems China will need less limes for the time being.

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