Foods That You Need To Try When In Virginia

Heading over to the Old Dominion anytime soon? Then you need to get your itinerary ready. You cannot possibly visit the Mother of Presidents without making time to visit the most authentic restaurants. There’s just something about Virginia’s food that has people coming back for more. The reason the state is aimed at food lovers is because all the best dishes are homegrown. So for all you foodies out there, here are the foods you need to try when in Virginia.

Fried Pies

My my, there’s nothing like good ole Virginia’s fried apple pie. In fact, you owe it to yourself to try one of these authentic pies at least once on your vacation. This delight is the perfect comfort food. However, apple pies aren’t the only Virginian pie you should get your hands on. Fried pies can be filled with an assortment of fruits; the cherry pies come highly recommended.

Smithfield Ham

This salt-cured ham has just the right amount of saltiness and the right amount of dry. This meaty snack is perfect all by itself when you’re feeling peckish but it’s even more scrumptious with some sourdough bread. The Virginia country ham is similar yet what many people look forward to is the slightly sweeter taste which is more robust than the salty meat because it’s cured for longer.

Peanut Soup

The first well-known commercial peanut crop was in Virginia’s Sussex county in 1842. So it’s no wonder why people rave about the peanut soup over there. Virginians know what they’re talking about as the state is the top peanut producer in the USA. The soil is just the right consistency for growing peanuts. The distinctive taste, size, and crunch of the peanuts added to their smooth, creamy soup provide all the exquisite savory accents you need to stay warm.


There’s a reason why Virginia’s sandwiches are unique to the state. From their authentic cheeses like Mountaineer, Appalachian, and Grayson, to their one-of-a-kind eggs, they serve the best sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. Whether you’re craving egg, cheese, ham, or a mix of all three, you can’t go wrong with a Virginian sub.

There’s nothing like a Virginian breakfast, and you can’t get that authentic taste anywhere else. You’ve got to go right to the source in Fairfax if you want the good stuff. Virginians know exactly how sought-after their breakfast sandwiches are, which is why local breakfast fairfax va locals swear by is typically served all day in some places. Since this meal is usually available throughout the day, you won’t have to worry about rushing to get that delicious egg sandwich before the cut-off time on weekends.


As mentioned above, Virginia is known for its three main kinds of cheese. The homegrown cheeses are still made with their traditional techniques and every savory tooth out there will relish in the deliciousness. Not only can you enjoy the craft of Virginia cheesemakers in your sandwiches, bagels, pizzas, and pasta, but it’s so good that you’ll want a cheese platter all to yourself when you have a good glass of wine.

Brunswick Stew

While Brunswick stew may have originated in Georgia, the Virginian spin on the traditional dish is worth every bite. There’s a reason this stew has become part of the culture. This southern classic is the ultimate hearty dish you need to satiate your hunger. It’s tomato-based and usually contains lima beans, corn, okra, and various vegetables. Many people include one or more types of meat, but it is most commonly made with chicken nowadays.


Virginia was made for oyster lovers and continues to tempt them to flock toward the state, and for good reason. There are a few reasons why the mother state is home to the best oysters, the main being it is the perfect environment for oysters to grow in with the balance of the water conditions – the freshwater rivers mixing with the salty atlantic ocean – and the low population at the Bay side. The distinct flavors available make their oysters perfect for stews, which is why it is highly recommended to snag a taste before you leave.

Foods That You Need To Try When In Virginia

You may be surprised to see just how unique Virginian cuisine and culture really is. What’s more incredible is their creativity. The reason the local food is so good is because the state is known to produce its own goods. From its cheeses and oysters, to its own ham, you’d be hard pressed to find any other region able to create their delicacies as good as they do. After all, if you want good food, you should always go straight to the source.

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