5 top uses for Calamansi

I honestly have no idea why Calamansi is not a fruiting world wide phenomenon, but for some reason I have only ever seen it in Vietnam and the Philippines (it’s a big deal there).

A calamansi is like a tiny lime that goes with absolutely everything.

Here’s my homage to the mist adaptable fruit on earth!

5) salt and Calamansi

This is big thing in Vietnam, and is served with almost all dishes. You mix it together, with pepper and mix BBQ meat, or noodles with it. One my favourite sides in Asia

4) Calamansi and Kinilaw

Kinilaw is like a Filipino ceviche. Ceviche needs citrus, and Calamansi is a damned good citrus! Kinilaw is one of my favourite dishes, and this whole sexy spicy, tangy combo that makes it so good.

3) Vodka/rum gin mixer and Calamansi

Ok, so think of anything that you might mix and add a lemon, or lime, and just swap it up for a Calamansi. I particularly like a good gin (not local) with tonic and freshly squeezed green stuff.

2) Calamansi soda

The quintessential use for any fruit is to make it into a soda. It’s a little bit acidic, but it firmly passes the big test. Does it go with vodka? Yes, yes it does.

1) Soju AND Calamansi

These are a few of my favourite things! Soju isn’t usually mixed, but you get the bottle with a plate of mansi, squeeze the fruit into the shot, voila! It’s truly amazing how well Calamansi and soju go together.

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