Street Food – Leysdown

Carrying on with what may feel like an endless stream of blogs about the Isle of Sheppey, here is my guide to visiting Leysdown-on Sea, and of course enjoying a bit of classic British street food!

Is Leysdown good?

Leysdown allegedly got its name from cows laying down in the fields. I am not sure if this is true, or I heard it, or made it up, but Leysdown-On-Sea is the PREMIER tourist destination on the Isle of Sheppey, you cannot say fairer than that right?

What is there to do in Leysdown?

They got amusements parks, they got a beach, they got bowling, food, pubs, do you want anything else?

Drinking in Leysdown?

The former tourist haven was the Talk of the Town pub, but sadly that is now closed, although it is up for auction, starting price of $400,000 ish. The other pub is the Rose and Crown, which seemed to be doing a roaring trade when we were there.

Best fish and chip shop in Leysdown?

Let’s start talking Street Food in general, and street food Isle of Sheppey. Sheppey as a seaside town is full of fish and chips, Leysdown still has 3 chippers despite its small size. I am sure the locals would disagree, but to me, Ron Woods, despite being the most touristy place is the best chip shop in Leysdown. It is open all year, and eat-in, or take-away is the same price. We got fish and chips, and saveloy and chips, a pickled egg, and a drink for two and got change from 10 quid ($13). In the UK that is a result.

Shellfish in Sheppey!

In the good old days when pubs were everywhere you’d have a guy with a hut outside selling great fresh shellfish. Sadly, much like the pub, these things are largely a thing of the past. Again this is why Sheppey feels like old-time England, and the Rose and Crown in Leysdown has a traditional shellfish/fishmonger outside from where I got me a bowl of cockles soaked in pepper and vinegar for 3 quid. They had bigger sizes, which I am really glad I didn’t take.

Overall opinion on eating in Leysdown-on-Sea?

Lots and lots of café style joints, fresh shellfish, sticks of rock, great fish and chips, and even old school pie and mash! Street Food Leysdown, and Leysdown Street Food gets a big thumbs up from the Street Food Guy!

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