Golden Home Guesthouse Bar and Restaurant

Golden Home Guesthouse Bar and Restaurant, you do gotta love a name that simply rolls of the tongue!

After facing Shenanigans at Shenanigans , as in getting the wrong food, I headed on another search. Said search took me to Sundance . Apparently they do not have food on Mondays.

Opposite was an open restaurant and by this point I was very hungry.

Location of Golden Home Guesthouse Bar and Restaurant

It’s on the rather infamous Street 172, which I have written about before. For a place I don’t like check my review of Dirty Old Sailor .

What’s the menu like?

The menu pretty much blew me away. They offered a Roast Dinner , like a full on roast dinner for about $5, as well as poutine. I was craving poutine.

So to the roast dinner! OK, it had veg, beef, potatoes, a Yorkshire pudding, greens and gravy. This was my first Yorkshire pudding I have had since coming to Cambodia. I’m not going to say it was the best thing I have ever had, but off value it was amazing.

The poutine too, pretty damned good, and I do se myself as an expert in this field. To read about the best poutine in Kampot click here .

And the drinks at Golden Home Guesthouse Bar and Restaurant?

Beers were 50 cents, I mean 50 cents. I know this is not that uncommon, but its cheaper to get drunk than stay sober in Phnom Penh. And that is the scary thing.

So to summarize on Golden Home Guesthouse Bar and Restaurant? Its cheap and cheerful, do not come here expecting poem kind of fine dining, but you will get great value.

Street 172, you are slowly starting to grow on me…

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