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JD’s Bar

I’m genuinely amazed at how many bars and restaurants are currently opening in Siem Reap. It seems barely a week goes by when there is not a new bar opening. We introduce JD’s Bar….

JDs Bar is located opposite the unimaginative Unity Hostel, as well as being very close to Sambos Thai Restaurant and walking distance of Star Bar.

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JD’s bar is run by a gay couple, but is not what you’d necessarily call a gay bar. Gay friendly at best, which is what most of the bars in Siem Reap seem to be, which is nice….

Opening night at JDs Bar

cocktail at jds bar siem reap

Opening night at JDs bar was quite the affair, drinks were cheap 90’s dance music was blaring away and people were truly getting their funk on! There were so many people in the bar that it literally was overspilled onto the street, oh and they had a free BBQ. You cannot beat a free BBQ.

What’s the vibe at JD’s Bar Siem Reap

beer at JDs Bar siem reap

It really does depend on the night, but there are always people here at least and they seem to have somewhat of a loyal following. Every now and again though they will throw an event and that is when this is the place to come to party. Also with its proximity to Star Bar and reputation for staying open late it makes a good journey on a this side of the river pub crawl (you could even end up at Hard Rock Cafe).

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Obviously with anything right now no one knows what the future holds, but with 3 busy guest houses opposite JD’s have maybe made the right gamble.

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