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ColaQuest – Aje Big Cola

Aje Big Cola? Ever heard of it? Well, it’s the 4th biggest selling soft-drink in the world (apparently).

I prefer FantaQuest, as quests go, due to the different flavors it throws up, but Cola Quest is becoming quite enjoyable too. I recently reviewed Ize Cola and then I discovered Aje Big Cola. I had never seen, nor heard of this before, I purchased it and started to do some research.

Aje Big Cola

AJE formerly known as Ajegroup was founded in the late ’80s in Peru. There are lots of different Aje Big brands, as well as a few beers, with their strategy being really simple. Make your product 25% cheaper, and then export them to countries with huge populations, you know like India, really big populations.

Essentially it is a poor man’s cola, and there is nothing at all wrong with that, well kinda, but we can talk about the taste a little bit later.

Currently, they sell their wares in 22 countries, and by some estimates are the 4th best selling soft-drink brand in the world, but then 73% of statistics are made up, so who actually knows for sure.


There’s surprisingly little online about the company (in English anyway), except for one interesting article I read, which claims that the company is not all that capitalist after all, but is run more on Buddhist principles. Easy to say when you literally have billions in the bank!

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aje big cola

So, foreplay aside, how does Aje Big Cola taste? Well, I shall procrastinate further, “Aje BIG Cola” came in a very small bottle. OK rant out of the way. Aje Cola tastes like Supermarket own-brand cola that you used to get served at birthday parties of the poor kids you knew.

I have not bothered to do the liquor test yet, maybe Aje would go with vodka, but mixing it with a fine Cuban rum would be literally criminal.

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