The Best Roast Beef in Siem Reap

Best Roast Beef in Siem Reap you say! Having Khmer friends is very helpful when it comes to discovering great food, so after a chat with our local fixer it was decided that we would visit a a restaurant of best roast beef in Siem Reap called Keng Kor Dot.

What’s the story with Keng Kor Dot – the restaurant of the best Roast Beef in Siem Reap?

Originally it was a guy that started roasting some beef from a hut, but it proved so popular it grew into a restaurant that now has two locations.

What do they serve at Keng Kor Dot?

Well this bit is flamingly obvious when you rock up here as there is literally a whole cow being roasted right in front of your eyes, complete with a wide-eyed expert grilling up literally every part of the cow possible. The site and smell of this place have you salivating literally from the off.

Its all about the added extras

As with any proper Khmer restaurant theres all your sauces ready for you as well as your vegetables. The vegetables consisted of green bananas, cabbage, carrots and my personal favorite “jungle” herbs.

We picked the garlic style sauce that they treat the beef with, as well as trying the fermented fish sauce, from which you add the peanuts to. Apparently foreigners do not usually like fermented fish sauce, but I liked the sourness of it and feel it complemented the beef perfectly. Although with that being said I probably leant a bit more towards the garlic in the end.

What about the meat?

We started with small cuts of roast beef that you then dip unto the sauce. In Asia I find that people tend to cook the arse out of beef, but I was really impressed with how they did things here, I’d even go as far as calling it medium to medium rare! We followed this with ribs which literally melted off of the bone! Top notch!

Bone marrow soup

Apparently what the place is really famous for is a soup which includes a bone with bone marrow would you guess! I was not impressed particularly by the soup, but when I was presented with a big bit of bone and a straw I went all in. Some soup was added to the hole and I literally sucked out the bone marrow. I like trying new things, and this was new and fabulous.

Best roast beef in Siem Reap? Without a doubt, but also maybe the best Khmer restaurant in Siem Reap too. I’ve heard there are other similar restaurants, but Keng Kor Dit is where you need to be.

Oh, and all that meat, multiple beers, soju and even some Spy Wine Coolers and we’d only spent about $7 a person, really cannot argue with that!

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