Cozy Bar – Siem Reap

When most of the bars of pub street closed, a few managed to keep their doors open. Who knows how, but Cozy Bar was one of them.

We discovered cozy bar somewhat accidentally when walking past we saw a child on a pool table but people playing pool around it/her. Further exploration was indeed required.

On entrance we were greeted by the kind of elderly lady staff you would expect have been in the industry a while. Still with 75 cent pints beggars truly cannot be choosers.

Cozy Bar

Another highlight I’d add to Cozy Bar is that they let you put on your own music via YouTube. This would work out well with most clients except with us we put on some North Korean music. Various classics rang through Cozy Bar that day including “waiting for the command” , “People’s joy, and last but not least “North Korean Cheerleaders Remix”. Now quite what the locals felt about this is anyone’s guess.

Friendly Cozy Bar Staff

During the day it’s a fairly sleepy place, but it is at night that cozy bar comes alive. Previously pub street was awash with ladies practicing the “oldest profession”, but now they all seem to congregate at Cozy Bar, Siem Reap.

If you like people watching visit Cozy Bar during the day, but if you’re lonely it’s a nighttime affair…

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