Spy Wine Cooler

Spy Wine Cooler, the number one wine cooler in south-East Asia.

Beer, even good beer like Beer Lao, or Angkor can get a little boring after a while, and unless you wanna go on the hard stuff like Bai Jiu (rice liquor) or cheap local vodka, then your options are few and far between. One of those options is a Spy Wine Cooler.

Alcopops, as we used to call them back in the day are not exactly as he deals in most of Asia, with a big exception being Tanduay Ice in the Philippines. You’ll see a fair bit of the cheap Chinese stuff, but by volume (in Thailand anyway), Spy Wine Cooler is the biggest selling by units.

According to their website, they have been the leading Ready to Drink brand in Thailand, and South-East Asia for the past 30 years, and at a mere 4-6% is perfect for any occasion, although perhaps on occasions that require driving, or heavy machinery.

In 1986 the company was founded with the alleged intention of introducing “wine culture” to Thailand, and they did this by inventing Spy Classic, a sweet drink with almost no link to actual wine…..

Thirty-four years, and a whole heap of new products later, including sugar free varieties (not tried nor do I intend to try) the product is a mainstay for camp Hooch drinkers like myself!

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So how does a Spy Wine Cooler do on the taste test?

I’m glad you asked! I personally tried two varietals, the Spy Cooler Classic, and Spy Cooler Red. The classic was exactly what I needed on a hangover! Sickly sweet, a little acidic, but thoroughly flavorsome! Spy Classic Red amused me, much like the Philippines naming drinks after colors rather than flavors. What did it taste? Very red, oh so very very red.

Update – Sky Mai Tai

Sky Mai Tai, sickly sweet, and almost like an actual Mai Tai. Literally what a time to be alive!

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