Foreigners not allowed at Xian Restaurant Phnom Penh

Foreigners not allowed at Xian Restaurant Phnom Penh. A friend of mine recently got a recommendation for a great restaurant serving the cuisine of Xi’an of Shaanxi province in China. Most expats who have pent any time living in China will have grown fond of the cuisine of Xi’an, so finding in Phnom Penh is a bit of a find.

What is Xi’an food?

Xi’an is known as the historical and cultural capital of China, culinary wise they have the famous Muslim Street, with some of the best BBQ in China, as well as Rou Jia Mo and liana pi. Rou Jia Mo, os famous for two things, firstly it is a Chinese hamburger, secondly it sounds like Roger Moore, so you can imagine our amusement at this dish. Liang pi is Xi’an cold noodles, a very spicy affair and part of the wider cold noodle family.

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Where is the Xian Restaurant/Xi’an Restaurant in Phnom Penh?

Xian restaurat

Xian Restaurant is located on Preach Sihanouk Boulevard (274) and looks really nice from the outside, but it is when you go inside that you get a feel for what the place is really about.

Xian Restaurant in Phnom Penh does not serve “foreigners”

My friend walked into the restaurant, saw many Chinese eating and went to sit down. It was at this point that he was ushered to leave the restaurant. When asking about the other people in the restaurant he was told they were the owners “friends”, he asked their what their names were only to be told they didn’t know. It was then made rather clear that he was not being allowed into the restaurant because he was not Chinese.

What is the food like at Xian Restaurant on Preah Sihanouk/Street 274?

We do not know because they are racist. This grinds our gears a lot, with every country blaming “foreigners” for the disease, but is even more offensive when Chinese do it when in Cambodia. Firstly they are also foreigners, but secondly Covid-19 originated in China.

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So to cut a long story short, even when this pandemic finally ends – do not visit Xian Restaurant in Phnom Penh, unless you support racist small minded idiots.

Best Xian Food in Phnom Penh?

This is not the best Xian Food in Phnom Penh, in fact we will go as far as saying it is the worst Xian restaurant in Phnom Penh.

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