Best Pizza in Siem Reap Belmiro’s

Seeing as I’m holed up in Siem Reap I’m building up a bit of a guide to the best foods of Siem Reap.

So far we’ve covered the best burgers, meat pies and even the best swimming pool. Today is the turn for the best real pizza in Siem Reap. By real pizza we mean actual pizza for flavours sake, not “magic pizzas” used as vehicle to get baked on weed or mushrooms, no thanks…

Location, location, location!

Belmiro’s Pizza and Subs is located slap bang in the middle of pub street up towards the big market. Usually this would make it a great location, but alas there’s this whole Covid-19 thang, so most of them are closed. Although there’s always the legend that is Cozy Bar, but as always I digress.

best pizza in Siem Reap
Siem Reap Pizza

So, before we get to the pizza I’ll get another thing out of the way Belmiro’s has the best poutine in Siem Reap. Thick cut fries, excellent gravy and just the right amount of cheese. As hangover cures go I’m a big fan….

So, onto the main point which is the best pizza in Siem Reap. This place is far from the only place hawking pizza pies, but in our experience at least this is the best quality real pizza in Siem Reap.

A large 15 incher will set you back about 13 bucks. All the major pizza trends are covered, with our personal weapon of choice being the meat lovers!

We have since been back to try the meatball and cheese sub, which was quite the delight, although not up to the fine standards of their pizza or poutine. Best subs in Siem Reap? Perhaps.

Best sub in Siem Reap

And then of course there’s the small matter of booze, an essential part of any meal of course.

Like most places they have the legendarily bad Cambodia Beer on top, but it’s cheap and is the thing to do in Siem Reap. They also have cheap and chilled Jäger which obviously gets big thumbs up!

To cut a long story short, great pizza, cheap booze and right in the centre of the Siem Reap nightlife, should it ever return….

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