Let’s make cooking fun!

Cooking elicits yawns and occasionally anxiety. But taking the effort to prepare wholesome meals will help you reach your health and wellbeing objectives. Cooking can be enjoyable, even on busy weeknights – it’s not an oxymoron.

Call us crazy, but we think so. Continue reading for expert tips to energize your preparation so you can turn the chore into something enjoyable, dare we say, even fun!

1. Themed dinners

The popularity of themed dinners these days is high. From Meatless (or Macaroni) Monday, to Sandwich Saturday – each day of the week can be dedicated to a specific cuisine. If you assign each day a category, your meal will have a clear “blueprint” which gives you a sense of direction and structure and lets you indulge in being creative. You can try making some springy vegetarian soups on Meatless Monday. Or have more fun by making some marijuana laced brownies for a high Weed Wednesday. Just be sure to read your weed strain labels before you incorporate your marijuana stash into your cooking.

2. Food bars

Ever thought about making food bars? Your husband might love eating tomatoes but your child hates it with a passion. And on weekdays making completely different dinners that satisfy everyone’s preferences is the last thing you want to do. And this is where DIY food bars come to your rescue. They are highly adaptable, social and flexible. Setting up a DIY food bar does not require minute recipes but it is powered by your creativity.

3. Try international cuisines

With recipes that are inspired by cultures around the world, explore a world of flavor from the comfort of your kitchen. When you try different international cuisines like Japan’s elegant miso soup or India’s robust Rogan Josh, you basically take your taste buds on a passport-visa free holiday. Your culinary experience might become more exciting by experimenting with different international cuisines. A fresh and fun challenge in the kitchen arises when attempting a new foreign recipe. This advice is ideal for you if you like to be adventurous or if you want to be more adventurous! Reading online, watching culinary shows on TV or online, or even purchasing a new recipe book can all serve as inspiration for you to try a foreign meal.

4. Add some alcohol

While you wait for your food to cook, sipping on a rich, fruity, and alcoholic wine cocktail will undoubtedly lift your spirits. Sarah from bestamericanfood.net says, cooking with a little alcohol can be a delicious and healthful way to give your food a little extra depth, flavor, and excitement. Whether it’s beer, sake, rum, or Cabernet, adding alcoholic drinks to your cuisine can improve the flavor. Additionally, it can be used to concentrate taste when cooked down into sauces or to tenderize meat in marinades.

Using alcohol in cooking is a highly versatile endeavor. Beer can make bread moist or give fish tacos a great flavor. Vodka or rum can add flavor to pasta sauces or serve as the final step in a coating for grilled or roasted meats.

5. Listen to some music

Want to sing and dance wildly? Bust out those speakers during cooking. Turning on some music is highly advised for people who don’t enjoy cooking and have a negative attitude about it. While cooking, listening to music can assist to lower stress and create an inspiration source. Because each song has a specific running time, it can even help you manage your time more effectively. Are you making meatloaf, lasagna, or another heavy dish? Play “That’s Amore,”. “Swan Lake” can be the background score for more upscale meals. Additionally, “Sweet Caroline” is a requirement if your dinner blurs the border between sweet and savory (consider dried fruit, glazes, etc.).

6. Friends can be your sous-chef

Cooking can become a really thrilling and unique chore when done for someone who doesn’t expect it. Your desire to get in the kitchen and prepare one of your best dinners to date may intensify if you’re cooking a surprise supper. Cooking for your spouse, family, or friends, will make them feel valued. Maybe they’ll even return the favor and cook your favorite meal for you.

7. One-pot meals are life savers

When you have a huge to-do list, dinner is often the last thing on your mind. Cook a one-pot wonder for days when you don’t have much spare time and feel like you won’t be able to make dinner. You also don’t have to spend hours washing dishes when you make a straightforward one-pot meal.

8. A kitchen can be a happy place

Before getting the pots and pans out, give your kitchen a good cleaning and make sure everything is spotless. Try making your own all-purpose cleaners instead of using the standard ones. In addition to taking less time to assemble than driving to and from the shop, they are also less expensive. The best thing, though? not any harsh chemicals. You won’t hate cooking once your spotless kitchen with its alluring fragrances of citrus fruits becomes your new happy place. Add some color to your kitchen with some colorful cali packs. You can use the contents as great flavor enhancers while adding a splash of color to your drab shelves.

9. Perfection is not necessary

As imperfect humans, it is crazy to think all your cooking will be perfect. Obsessing over perfection will stop you from having fun while cooking. Try not to be too serious about oneself. And any mishaps you make in the kitchen can always become a great story at your next dinner party.

So, here’s a list of 9 different ways in which cooking can go from a chore to a much-anticipated activity. Go pick up the spatula and fill your Instagram feed with drool worthy dishes.


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