Chez Tonton – Amazing Bone Marrow at the Riverside

Chez Tonton is a restaurant I have walked past many a time and wondered what exactly it would be like to eat there. I like French food and indeed I quite like the riverside. Generally speaking the riverside is more famous for street food and cheap beers than fine-dining, but Chez Tonton is an exception to this rule.

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What’s the Chez Tonton Menu?

Chez Tonton
Chez Tonton

Quite eclectic with a number of fresh favorites, with dishes being anything from a  cheap $4 mouse going all the way up to a $78 Australian steak. Sadly the wants needs and indeed budget of a street food guy in Phnom Penh on a rainy Saturday did not stretch to this.

I was though to be enthralled by the look of the bone-marrow with garlic, herbs, onions and other goodies, One would cost $6, two $10, I went for two, which of course came with good bread.

The best bone-marrow in Phnom Penh?

Bone-marrow is a very love hate affair, I love it. The best I had previously had in Cambodia was at a beef specialist restaurant in Siem Reap, which was relatively famous and allowed you to suck the marrow from the bone. This though was a whole different beast.

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Served on the had bone it was very garlicky and the marrow itself so soft and pink as to be almost rare. A rare treat, pun fully intended. Taking care of both pieces and mopping up the juices with some good bread was a good way to spend an otherwise bring rainy Saturday night in the capital city.

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Overall a decent place to stop for a nice meal if French food is your thing! Merci Chez Tonton Phnom Penh.

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