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Street Food Phnom Penh

Street Food Phnom Penh is probably the biggest hidden gem of the street food scene in South-East Asia, and we are going to tell you why!

Phnom Penh and Cambodia are street food heaven. Street food is not for the tourists here (well some of it is), it feeds the masses, and once the sun goes down the streets are filled with plastic chairs, food carts, and that wonderful aroma that only street food can bring.

Heres our top guide to street food dining in Phnom Penh!

Where can you eat street food in Phnom Penh?

On the streets dummy! OK, kinda joking, but seriously once it gets dark the streets are filled with food carts that seem to pop up from nowhere, with the quality being fabulous wherever you are.

My personal favorite places to get good street food are in the central district, Street 130 type area near the Mekong, and along the Mekong river itself.

The best restaurant I found was called Dy Villa which had a good menu, nice service, and excellent location.

Top 5 Street Food dishes in Phnom Penh

I’ve listed my top 5 dishes that I found on the streets of Phnom Penh, all of which I liked so much they link to blog about the dish itself!

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5) Fried Noodles

You will see these everywhere in Phnom Penh, particularly in restaurants, but the best is from the many street food carts that specialize simply in Cambodian fried noodles.

4) Cambodian Sour Soup

Cambodian sour soup is a green soup made sour with limes, full of vegetables and seasoned with a small amount of meat, either chicken or beef. A great starter to a meal, and a very Cambodian dish!

3) Street BBQ Phnom Penh

Nothing beats street BBQ washed down with Angkor beer, and whilst you can get it pretty much everywhere in the capital, my personal suggestion is to head to the Mekong, find a street hawker, grab a plastic chair and get it on. Big sticks of fish or meatballs for 50 cents are OK by me.

2) Fresh Phnom Penh Oysters

Fresh oysters or “oysters ice” was inevitably going to grab my attention, but this was not your run of the mill oyster dish. Instead of hot sauce, you mix it with eucalyptus stems, diced fried onion, and Khmer hot sauce. An absolute Phnom Penh street food sensation.

1) Lok Lak

lok lak

Lok lak was a French-influenced dish made in Vietnam called bo luc lak, but it has been taken and adapted to form a huge part of Khmer cuisine. Marinaded beef cubes always cooked a little rare and usually served with fried rice, so far the best food I have eaten in Phnom Penh.

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Picking my top 5 for Phnom Penh street food was no easy feat, and I can see myself extending this list!


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