Starting a street food Vlog

So, I’m starting a street food Vlog. I get a lot of readers on this site, which is nice, but when it comes to the world of food I have kind of gone about things backwards. Most of the great food blogs out there, such as Migrationology are essentially Vlogs that spawned a great blog. Video first, blog second as it were.

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Why have I not started a street food vlog?

Originally the street food guy was pretty much just set up as a hobby, and when I was genuine travel agent I had no time to make videos and edit them. Sadly despite actually being part of a film company I am not great at editing videos. A skill I am rapidly starting to learn.

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Times they are a changing!

A really do not have to mention the elephant in the room, but hey coronavirus, not only is it screwing us all up pretty much, but it is also creating time where time previously did not exist. I’m going t use said time to start my street food vlog!

Where are you going to Vlog about?

Ironically I was previously in a position where I could have vlogged about so many different countries, but times are not only changing, but are leaving us stuck. For me that means stuck in Cambodia. I will try to use some old content from other countries too, but primarily I am going to be doing stuff about Cambodia.

What is Cambodian food like?

When it comes to doing a street food vlog and blog there are worse places to be than in Cambodia. the food here is generally pretty damned good and the street food scene is fairly amazing.

Cambodia has a lot of weird food

I’d like to not just do shock tactic videos, but there are a lot of weird foods in Cambodia. Would you like to see me eat a tarantula? A worm, or a cricket? All of these can be arranged. Not to mention baby bee, the one out of the whole list that I actually do enjoy eating.

When will you launch the street food vlog?

At the moment my street food vlog is a bit of a work in progress, but with GoPro in hand I have at least started to film stuff, fairly important when you want to make videos. How quickly we turn these into stuff will depend on how quickly I learn and how much my film making friends have time to help me.

In the meantime though keep watching the site and get ready for videos!

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