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Cambodian Fried Noodles (lort Cha)

Cambodian fried noodles or lort cha is one of the best street food dishes you can try in Cambodia.

Generally speaking, I am a big fried noodle fan, but you’d be quite surprised how many variations on the tried and tested dish there are, even in Cambodia.

Lort is a form of rice noodle made from water and flower that you can find being sold across the markets of Cambodia, cha means stir-fried in the Khmer language. Stir-fried noodles!

As is common with other fried noodles dishes vegetables such as shallots, bean sprouts, and onions are shown in, as well as meat.

The most common meat used (and indeed) what I tried was beef fried noodles, although this can be substituted for chicken, or the meat was withdrawn entirely for vegetarians, or vegans eating in Cambodia.

Where can you eat Cambodian Fried Noodles?

Pretty much everywhere, but if you are super daring grab it street food style at either a Cambodian market or one of the many vendors that sell the noodles throughout the country.

For the less adventurous out there it is available still in most tourist restaurants too, which means you will be able to act all hipster and order an avocado juice to go with it…..

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Personally I had mine with a Cambodia Beer in my favorite downtown Phnom Penh restaurant, Dy Vila.

What does lort cha taste like?

Cambodian stir-fried noodles are the absolute bomb, and the easiest goto food when you are in Cambodia. As I have said fried noodles come in a lot of shapes and forms, with the Cambodian style having much more in common with Cantonese cuisine, which shows in how rich the gravy-like flavoring is!

A meal, a snack, whatever, but an absolute street food must for Cambodia!

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