A Beginner’s Guide To Grilling Burgers

While it’s always easier to fry burger patties, grilling is always the best way to bring out the flavors. Unfortunately, it can be a frustrating task for a beginner, especially if you’re a perfectionist.

It’s a long process if you want to be like The Grilling Master, but it’s never late to start learning. Here’s a guide to get you started:

Start With A Clean Grill

Cleaning your grill after every use using a grill brush is the first thing you must master. Doing so ensures that no harmful bacteria nor residues come into contact with your burgers.

To do this, wash the grilling grates using a grill brush while it’s still warm. Afterward, rub some oil on the grates using a pair of grilling tongs and a clean towel.

Choose The Right Meat

For a juicy burger, go for ground beef with high-fat content. Your meat should contain 20-30% fat and 80% lean meat. Keep your meat in cold temperatures to avoid melting and smearing fats.

Fat content is a vital factor to consider when preparing burgers. Higher fat contents result in juicier and more flavorful burgers. However, it’s essential to be reasonable about the fat content for health reasons.

For a healthier burger, bison, turkey, and plant-based burgers are the best option for you.

Do Not Remove Fats

While seasoning matters, fat is what gives the patties their natural flavors. Fats also influence the tenderness of the meat. Meat fat allows higher heat cooking than cooking fats, ensuring that your meat remains tender even after cooking for a long time.

Prepare Burger Patties And Chill Them

Leave your meat in the refrigerator until you can mold it into patties. Maintain low room temperatures so that your meat won’t bind with the lean meat resulting in a dry burger due to rendering during cooking.

Form your ground beef into ball shapes, and make sure to work it appropriately, as it can become tough. Work on your balls from the middle to produce patties. To ensure your burger doesn’t bulge when cooked, use your thumb to make a slight indentation at the center.

Remember to make your burger patties slightly larger than your bun to ensure that your burgers cook evenly. While cooking, burgers tend to shrink. Large patties help maintain their shape even after shrinking.

Use High Heat

After turning on your propane, ignite your burners to high heat. Use a grilling brush with oil to brush your grates. You can now close the lid and let the grill heat to the recommended temperatures of around medium-high to high heat of about 300-400 degrees.

This will help control the heat and maintain the ideal temperatures for the grilled burger. Always start your burgers on high heat and finish them on low heat. This allows the inside of your burgers to cook through, avoiding burning from the outside, leaving it uncooked from the inside. Again, if you don’t use enough heat, your burgers will dry out and might stick to the grates.

While cooking, close the lid until your burgers are ready. To avoid a dry burger, ensure you don’t smash your burgers down while cooking.

How To Grill Burgers

While grilling burgers, don’t use a spatula to push them down to prevent squeezing out flavorful juices. These juices keep the burgers moist, preventing them from sticking to the grates. Don’t turn your burgers repeatedly. Instead, turn them the fewest times possible.

  1. Start with a hot grill that allows one side to sear correctly before turning the other side to cook thoroughly. This helps your burger to remain intact and tasty.
  2. Check the internal temperatures to ensure your burger is still cooking. You can do this using an instant-read meat thermometer. A meat thermometer is used to take a quick temperature reading. Ensure you don’t leave your thermometer in the burgers while grilling.
  3. Once your burgers are done, remove them from the grill. Note that your meat will continue to cook even after removing it from the grill.
  4. Place your burgers on a platter and leave them for five minutes before serving them. This allows your burger to remain juicy.
  5. Once your burgers have cooked, add toppings and condiments of your choice. This is the most fun part while cooking burgers. Remember to place a piece of lettuce at the bottom half of the bun instead of on top to keep your burger juicy.

Follow these steps and enjoy your burger with family and friends.


A properly grilled burger is tasty, juicy, and flavorful. It can be a lot of work to prepare grilled burgers if you are a beginner, especially if you don’t have enough information. However, with the help of the above information, grilling burgers could be the simplest recipe. Stock Images




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