Top 10 Street Food Blogs

Everyone likes a bit of recognition, so I was quite pleased to see that the Street Food Guy – that’s me, has made it onto the Feedspot list of top ten street food blogs on the web. Aside from offering 9 other great blogs has little old me there. Previously I was number 9, but have now jumped to number 5. Bravo!

Update! Top 10 Street Food Blogs of 2020!

Two years ago I decided to list my top 10 street food blogs, well a lot has changed since then! I have thus decided to update said blog. Here are my top 10 street food blogs from 2020 and before.

Updated top 10 street food blogs!

10) The Gutter Gourmet

This one is now a bit of a relic, older than 2 years, but I still like it, so have therefore left it at number 10 on the list. Essentially about some douche who thinks its funny to eat from dumpsters. He looks even more of a twat when you factor in whatis happening in the world right now.

Gutter Douche-bag

9) How to eat fish and chips

Fish and chips are the original British street food. Genuinely something I crave and miss more than ever now. Here is my well ranking and handy guide on how to eat fish and chips. From a Brit no less!

fish and chips
How to eat fish and chips

8) Drinking Dhalle

In 2019 I was lucky enough to find myself living and indeed filming in Albania. For this I was to be second Assistant Director (link). Sounds more posh than it is. Anyway I was to fall in love with Albanian cuisine. Dhalle is a yogurt type drink that I got really into. Read more inside.


7) What is the difference between Durian and Jackfruit?

I have always been OK with durian, but never really got into it. This is all changed when I got stuck in Cambodia. I am now all about the durian. Thankfully I now know that durian and beer can kill you! Anyway these two fruits are very different. I go to the effort of telling you why they are different.

Durian vs Jackfruit
Durian Vs Jackfruit

6) Snacks inspired by the Khmer Rouge

It is impossible to live in Cambodia and not learn at least something about the Khmer Rouge, particularly if you have Khmer friends. One of the biggest affects of the regime was famine. This has though inspired a whole heap of street food snacks not found in other countries. You like bugs? Come to Cambodia…..

Top street food blogs
Eating bugs in Cambodia

5) How to eat bun cha in Hanoi

It probably was about time we got to some actual real deal street food eh! In 2020 I was lucky enough to attend the Trump/Kim summit in Hanoi. Not as an actual guest mind. I also got to hang out with Tom Green in Saigon, but that is another story. Anyway bun cha! A great Vietnamese street food and how to eat. A top street food blog from 2020!

Top street food blogs

4) Top 7 Sudanese Drinks

Another classic from 2020. I managed to visit Bir Tawil. If you have not heard of it click here, or better still buy the book. Sudanese street food was amazing, as were the drinks! I mean Sudan even has Vimto.

vimto can

3) Is McDonalds Coming to Cambodia?

Tragically my best, or rather most popular blog about Cambodia was if McDoanlds were coming to the country. Go figure right??? Anyway the masses read it, so I have included it. Spoiler alert they are not.

mcdonalds china

2) The 21 best dishes in Cambodia

One of my more recent blogs, but one that has done rather well. Here I touch on everything from fine dining in Cambodia to drinks. Cambodia though has amazing street food, so of course I cover Khmer Street food a lot here! This has been shared a whopping 150 times!

beginners guide to Street Food
Street food near unnamed island

1) The tale of Tanduay Rum – The World’s Best Rum

Truth that you really cannot tell what people will read, or indeed what the SEO gods will rank. It turns out that my most popular blog by far is about the native rum of the Philippines. I love the stuff, but in honesty its claim to be the “best” is a bit far fetched. But much like I don’t think they are the best in the world, I don’t think this is my best street food blog either. Go figure.


And those be my top 10 street food blogs of 2020! What will 2021 bring us? Who knows, but probably more blogs and hopefully more travel.

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