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Top 7 Sudanese Drinks

No, not pop music, this is a street food blog. I do though also like to talk a lot about soft drinks (FantaQuest trademark). And I truly love when a country makes its own version of fizzy pop that is popular with the masses. Sudan had said drinks in abundance.

Here’s my top tips for drinking in dry country, my top 7 Sudanese drinks.

Number 7) Vimto

Vimto in Sudan!

Vimto is a legendary English drink, and this is a wonderful Sudanese holdover from colonial times. Vimto is very popular in the Sudan.

Number 6) Karkadeh (Hibiscus)

Karkadeh (hibiscus) juice in Khartoum

Karkadeh is basically the juice from hibiscus. It’s all over sudan but we found this gem in ozone cafe, Khartoum (the best cafe in Sudan)

Number 5) Stima

Stima apple soda in Sudan

Stima is like a Sudanese Appletizer, really great when freezing cold. We discovered this in Abu Hamad, the last stop before Bir Tawil

Number 4) non-alcoholic beer

Young Pioneer Tours non-alcoholic beer in Khartoum

Non-alcoholic beet I would usually consider a sin, but it’s not all that bad actually. Sudan is a dry country after all. The malt beverages are on me! Forgive me YPT!

Number 3) Sudanese tea

Sweet Sudanese tea

Sudanese tea is awesome and everywhere. Costs like 10 cents and is served super sweet. Making tea is one of the few jobs reserved for the women of Sudan

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Number 2) Vimo

Vimo non-alcoholic pineapple malt beverage

We discovered Vimo when presented it by our captors in Bir Tawil. It’s basically a non-alcoholic pineapple malt beverage. It was quite refreshing as we negotiated our freedom with the local tribe.

Number 1) Sudanese Coke

James Martin drinking Sudanese coke

Sudanese coke is good, but alas I’ll never be able to test this fine cola with an ice cold rum or vodka. Make model James Martin rocks the cola in Shendi.

Bonus round – weird milk

Sudanese milk

Pretty weird and really sweet milk in Khartoum. Not exactly what I expected, nor shall I be ordering it again.

Extra Bonus – there are rumours of a date based liquor. I did not find it though. Operation Sudanese alcohol was a failure.

Epic Pictures from Bir Tawil

The Bir Tawil incursion