Is Jasmine Boathouse Restaurant Kratie any good?

Jasmine Boathouse Restaurant Kratie I was to find out was the 9th best restaurant in Kratie. This was according to Trip Advisor. Oh and it was out of 17 restaurants.

Kratie you say?

Kratie is a small town about 6 hours from the wonderful food of Phnom Penh. You come here to look at pink dolphins. It is on the Mekong River. It is very similar to other small Mekong towns such as Stung Treng.

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Jasmine Boat Restaurant Kratie

Having discovered that one of the two listed hotels in Kratie did not actually provide the free tuk-tuk service it promised, this meant doing the Tuk-Tuk lottery. There are no taxi-apps here. Not even Pass-App. In fact it was kinda funny. In Phnom Penh you constantly get bothered by drivers. In Kratie at times I almost missed that.

Anyway! One might assume that said driver might well have had a deal going on with the restaurant.

Where is Jasmine Boathouse Restaurant?

It’s located along the riverside of Kratie Town, not far from the market and the centre of town. If you go early I guess you’d get a view of the Mekong. At night you get a view of darkness.

They did tough get involved in the Christmas spirit, which was nice. A big santa was there to greet us. Its nice to see Santa.

It is also right opposite and indeed where you get a ferry to Koh Trong island. Remember that name! In that case it makes great place to sit and relax as you wait for said boat.

Jasmine Boathouse Restaurant
Jasmine Boathouse Restaurant and the boat to Koh Trong

The menu!

Very eclectic, in fact it was probably too big if anything. Everything from pizza to Khmer classics. It is one of those classic conditions where you are better just specializing in a few good things, like they do at Sorya Restaurant. Hint go to Sorya, not Jasmine Boathouse in Kratie.

Jasmine Boathouse Restaurant

The food and price

For location it wins big kudos. It is literally located directly on the Mekong River. This means Jasmines Restaurant is a great place to kick back with a beer and enjoy an amazing sunset. Although again you can also do this at Sorya Guesthouse.

For price, not so much $2.50 for one spring roll for example. The food itself, which included said spring roll was nice enough. I also got fried spring roll (meh) and a huge fish cake.

The huge fishcake was the stand out dish, coming with a fermented fish sauce and even including a piece of cauliflower.

Service here was certainly OK, although far from earth shattering. The staff at least spoke a bit of English. Again with it being Christmas Eve seeing Santa and a snowman quite gave me my jollies.

Jasmine Boathouse Restaurant

Overall on Jasmine Boathouse Restaurant?

It was OK, but overall too expensive for what you get. Cocktails for example were $4. I’m gonna assume they would not have been worth the money. I did not partake.

To be fair though this is a small town, very small and most of the main players have now shut their doors. Le Tonle, for example supposedly the best restaurant in town is now not open. And as much as I did love Sorya, variety is the spice of life. Worth coming if nothing else for he change of scenery.

So, Jasmine Boat Restaurant Kratie, very middle of the road. In fact quite literally middle of the road. Of the 17 restaurants featured online, it ranks 9th on Trip Advisor. Although it should also e factored in that a number of these are currently closed.

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