The Best Cambodia Taxis Apps & Tuk-Tuks Booking Apps for Android and iPhone

What are the best Cambodian taxi apps? What are the best taxi apps in Cambodia?

In the bad old days, particularly when tourism was booming getting a tuk-tuk in Cambodia was a bit too much like running the gauntlet. First you’d have to negotiate a price and then invariably said price would then not be honored when you arrived.

Thankfully those days have gone and with the era of the smartphone has come the era of honest tuk-tuk drivers in Cambodia! Rejoice! PLEASE though keep in mind that there are still several drivers not on apps that will hawk for your business. Do not use these guys, use a Cambdoian Taxi app, for your safety, not just for price.

How many taxi booking apps are there in Cambodia?

There are 4 main taxi booking apps in Cambodia, namely PassApp, GrabTaxi, Tada, and WeGo Taxi App.

We will review each one in full, but it should be noted that not all of them are available everywhere in Cambodia. For example the best is probably GrabTaxi, great if you are in Siem Reap, or Phnom Penh, but not available in Sihanoukville for example.

1. PassApp

This is the most popular and widely used app in Cambodia, gives you the option to book a regular tuk-tuk, a 4 seater, or car.

How widespread is PassApp?

PassApp is available in the most cities, towns and regions of Cambodia. It would certainly not be our first choice, but it is essential to at least have it if you are traveling around Cambodia. For example Sihanoukville only (currently) has PassApp. Many smaller places, such as Koh Kong, or Kratie literally have no apps at all. In these places you will be left to your skills of negotiation.

How is the PassApp map?

One of the worst maps, with a lot places you can find on other apps just not existing on PassApp.

How are the drivers on PassApp?

They seem to have less stringent criteria than other operators and it is not uncommon to have your PassApp driver ask for extra money.

Do PassApp accept Credit Cards? PassApp is cash only, they do not accept credit cards.

2. GrabTaxi

Grab is one of the fours main taxi booking apps in Cambodia

Without doubt the best booking app in Cambodia, with  them following the same formula that has made them such big players in places such as the Philippines and Vietnam.

How widespread is GrabTaxi?

Extremely prevalent in the big cities such as Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, but less so elsewhere. This is something that is very much liable to change as the company plans to expand greatly in Cambodia.

Again, 2 and 4 seater Tuk-Tuks can be booked, cars, and in Phnom Penh they are offering food dleivery.

How is the GrabTaxi map?

GrabTaxi uses the technology of its parent company and its map is the most reliable of all tuk-tuk booking apps in Cambodia.

How are the GrabTaxi Drivers?

Grab has the most stringent criteria for drivers and you are unlikely to have an issue. Probably the best drivers of any app.

Do GrabTaxi accept credit cards?

Yes they do, you can pay for GrabTaxi using a card, or cash. This can easily be navigated in the booking app.

3. Tada

Taxi booking apps in Cambodia - Tada

Tada are one of the newer players and only entered Siem Reap in August of 2020. Currently they are mainly in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

As things stand they offer a new member bonus which essentially means a few free tuk-tuk rides. Again 2-4 and car options available. I once elected a tuk-tuk and got driven home in a car, although I expect this was the exception rather than the rule.

How widespread is Tada?

Currently limited to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

How is the Tada map?

Almost as good as the GrabTaxi map and I have had few issues with them.

How are the Tada drivers?

Tada drivers have generally been pretty good, overall not as goods Grab, but the essential thing here is that Tada tends to be about 10% cheaper than GrabTaxi, which is its main draw.

Does Tada accept credit cards?

Tada is cash only, which again puts its lightly below Grab.

4) WeGO

This taxi booking app in Cambodia seems to be the 4th most popular, although they are indigeouns to Cambodia. I literally know no one who uses them, although most locals have heard of them.

Standard 2,4 and car options.

How widespread is WeGO?

Again restricted to bigger places.

How is the WeGO Map?

Similar to that of PassApp, rather than the other two. Basically not as good.

How are the WeGO Drivers?

Not as good as Tada, or Grab, better than PassApp!

Does WeGO accept Credit Cards?

WeGO is completely cash and does not accept Credit Cards.

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