The Worst Guesthouse in Cambodia – not a Sofitel blog

This is about the worst guesthouse in Cambodia, if you’re looking for a Sofitel blog, you will be brutally disappointed. Our journey was to take us as far away from a deluxe hotel as you could possibly imagine….

After leaving Ban Lung the plan was to drive from there to a place called Son Monorom a place famous for elephants and waterfalls. I like elephants and waterfalls.

On the way we were going to stop at a lovely waterfall called Bousra. Everything was going swimmingly until 2km from said waterfall the car died. I’m no car expert, but it involved overheating, lack of coolant and other many things I know jack shit about.

Not all heroes wear capes.

I nice guy called Neet, who it so happens lived in the nearest village and was from the local tribe jumped in to be our protector. A mere 6 hours later the car was “fixed” and for only $80. Ten minutes later it was no longer fixed and we were stuck on a hill.

Again our buddy came to the rescue and we managed to get the car to a mechanic before he then delivered us to a “guest house”.

We were warned that the guest house would be noisy, which wasn’t an issue. What was more of an issue was that it appeared to be a knocking shop, with no en-suite.

The worst guesthouse in Cambodia

The night was fine enough, but then the next morning the rather effeminate hotel owner tried it on with both of my colleagues, as well as trying to watch them go to the toilet….

This undoubtedly offended them somewhat, but actually it offended me even more. Why had the fellow not tried it on with me? I had only been 40 for less than a day, have I aged that much?

We informed our night in shining armour who once again arrived to rescue us. We transferred to the “other” guesthouse which whilst basic had a beautifully rustic feel to it, toilets, a shower and no one trying to rape anyone (yet).

In theory the car will be ready at 4pm today, but who the fuck knows! Maybe we are now stuck in the purgatory that is the countryside of Eastern Cambodia.

As a group we call this part of our life Chapter 4, as in the 4th incarnation of the YPT office (really its the 5th), the Cambodia office. All things considered this has certainly been the most interesting of the chapters so far.

Worst hotel in Bousra Town? I think so….

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