Ethiopian Food in Phnom Penh – Sara Ethiopian Restaurant Street 172

Can you get Ethiopian food in Phnom Penh? Yes on Street 172 at Sara Ethiopian Restaurant on Street 172! Is it any good? Well that depends on how you judge Ethiopian food….

Ethiopian food is probably the most well-known cuisine from Africa and it is one of those things like Chinese, Italian, or Korean that you will find in most cosmopolitan cities. Is Phnom Penh cosmopolitan? It’s certainly getting there and there are few foods you cannot now find in the capital of the Kingdom.

Where is Best Ethiopian Food in Phnom Penh

Sara Ethiopian Restaurant is certainly the most well known at least going by Trip Advisor. It is slap bang of the bottom of Street 172, not a place one commonly uses the word cosmopolitan to describe.

You can though get a bunch of knock off foods, such as Subway, McDonalds and even a Taco Bell (link to Khmer Nights. There are also cheap road dinners, Indian food and right at the bottom next to The Big Easy.

You literally can’t miss the place, it is opposite a massage parlor and next to a derelict building where homeless people sleep. It is also always empty.

What do they serve at Sara Ethiopian Restaurant?

Ethiopian food dummy! OK, so Ethiopian cuisine is a love hate affair, I previously spent a week in Eritrea, which whilst not Ethiopia has the same food. I fell in love with Eritrean cuisine, but it is certainly not for everyone.

Everything is centered around injera. Injera is an Ethiopian/Eritrean flat bread that is not only the centerpiece of all dining, but also serves as your cutlery. Basically you out from the range of Ethiopian style stews and then make mini-sandwiches and mop up the juice with he injera. Injera is quite sour and as my friend amusing asked “why dont they see bread”. As I said injera is love/hate.

There is though a bunch of other dishes including a meat sandwich, I didn’t try it, but of wish I had ordered it now…

And the atmosphere  at the best Ethiopian restaurant in Phnom penh?

I have been to Sara Restaurant Phnom penh twice now, neither time have they had draft beer and neither time did the staff make it fell like they wanted you there. OK, these are Covid times, so everyone gets a bit of a free ride, but you know a bit of effort doesn’t go a miss.

Still it beats Dirty Old Sailor, which you can read about here .

Fancy visiting Eritrea? Click the following link .

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