Fake McDonalds in Phnom Penh!

Is there a fake McDonalds in Phnom Penh! Yes there is, and with the fact that they also save beer, could one argue that it is like the Eddie Murphy quote “better than McDonalds”?

I’m not really all that into Mcdonalds, although I guess I might give the opposite impression with how much I write about the place! We have covered which countries do and don’t have it, and of course if McDonalds is coming to Cambodia . But this is our first foray into the fake McDonalds scene.

Are you sure you ardent into McDonalds?

As a kid I loved it, then I hit my teens and became all anti-capitalist. I went many years without McDonalds. After moving to China I slowly relaxed my views. Honestly a McDonalds breakfast can be a savior in China.

I do still dislike them to an extent as a concept and the consumerism it entails, but hey who don’t love a Big Mac sometimes. It is comfort food.

There is no McDonalds in Cambodia

As covered in the previous link there is no McDonalds in Cambodia. We got Burger King and KFC, but no McDonalds. And yes I am ashamed to say I do miss it at times.

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There is though The Vine on Street 172 in Phnom Penh

Street 172?

A notorious hive of scum and villainy, but they have great food that is tailored t westerners and a lot of good restaurants. They also have shit holes too.

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It is here that one will find perhaps the best Fake McDonalds in Phnom Penh. Notice I do not say best burger in Phnom Penh.

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Fake McDonalds in Phnom Penh – The Vine

A friend had told me about the Vine, knowing that I frequented 172. I was exited, I mean they have a dish called a Big Mac. Thus despite having leftover Vietnamese food from Magnolia we headed there on a Sunday night.

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The search for fake McDonalds in Phnom Penh was on.

Can you get a Big Mac in Phnom Penh?

You can, although at $7.50 were this a real McDonalds then it would make Cambodia one of the most expensive countries in the world. The rest of the menu had a lot of other McDonalds clones, as well as home dishes thrown in for good measure. They also sell beer in normal  times. These though are sadly Covid times, so it was take-away only.

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So, whilst I undoubtedly plan to explore their knock-off McDonalds menu in more depth, for now we will look at the Vine Big Mac!

The Vine vs McDonalds Big Mac Challenge!

I took my Big Mac and fries home, and due to having to record a podcast, had to wolf it down really quickly. The burger and the sauce were absolutely legit. It tasted like a Big Mac, although if anything the bun kind of let it down/improved it. I have to say with the fries they did a sterling job too. It tasted almost like McDonalds fries.

Was it worth $7.50 for fake McDonalds in Phnom Penh?

It was good, without being orgasmic. I feel more like I have managed to get it out of my system, rather than a string need to go back there. Although, go back there I shall! At least to try other things on the menu. That being said when I do finally make it to the real world, I am gonna murder the real thing

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