How to watch Asia Euro United in Cambodia?

How to watch Asia Euro United in Cambodia? Turns out it is pretty easy (if you have a pass) and altogether rather fun. They have a nice stadium, its not far from Phnom Penh, and even the players are friendly.

I’m not sure what I really wanted to be as a kid, but I know what I wanted as an adult. Get paid to travel, eat, make movies and watch football. With the chances of me becoming a porn star slimming by the day I would say my lot in life is not all that bad.

Who are Asia Euro United FC?

They are a team in Kandal that play in the C-League, the top league of Cambodia. They are professional and have a few decent international players. They’ve not won very much, but hey this could be their year.

Which stadium do Asia Euro United Play in?

They play at the AEU Sports Park, which is located in a different province technically. In reality though its literally opposite the riverside in Phnom Penh. You have to take a ferry to get here. The great thing is if you hire a Tuk-Tuk it can go on the ferry with you! Ferry takes like 10 minutes and only costs 75 cents for your Tuk-Tuk – not bad. You can technically go as a foot passenger and try your luck, but better to just hire a driver. What made it extra cool was that I got to meet their Cameroonian forward Abbee Ndjoo. I also met National Police FC midfielder Sona Otami. I wished them both luck. The former scored two, the later scored one. Pretty proud of that one.

What is AEU Sports Park like?

I’ve now been to almost 10 stadiums in Cambodia. Viskaha’s Prince Stadium is my favourite, but the AEU Sports park is probably my second best now. It is acted slap bang in the middle of nowhere, bar some VERY swish new build properties.

The stadium essentially has one stand and could accommodate a few thousand people. The pitch is well looked after and they have covered eating areas outside. There is no club shop, like they have at Visakha FC, but they have the holy grail!!!!!

Can you get food and drinks at AEU Stadium, Kandal?

OK, so I never expected pies at the stadium, BUT some food, some drinks. Almost nothing anywhere. At the Kampot stadium there was one kiosk selling energy drinks. Everywhere else nada!

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Here they had a very Cambodian style shop selling drinks, ramen noodles, but most excitingly toasted sandwiches. Quite what went inside it is anyones guess, at one point it looked as if honey was going in. But, I got cheese and bread, toasted. It was not exactly Num Pang, but it did at least do the job.

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And the match?

Well of course our visit was about much more than toasted cheese sandwiches! There was football to be watched. AEU went 1-0 up, before the Police pulled it back to 1-1. AEU then found the net again before a controversial penalty made it 3-1. An own goal in injury time made it 3-2 and set up a few last exciting minutes. OK, not exactly a match review, but you get the point.

Stadiums are sadly mostly still closed, and you need permission to watch matches, BUT when things do finally open up, if you are a barang and looking for something to do over a weekend, you can do worse than watching Cambodian football.

And that is how to watch Asia Euro United in Cambodia!

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