Pomme Siem Reap – eating and drinking in a Ghost Town

 Ah Siem Reap, my old abode, an abode that now more resembles a ghost town. Many bars have closed, but the strong have survived, such as Pomme Siem Reap!

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Poor old Siem Reap has really been through the wars, not only have the tourists gone, but worse they’ve turned the town into a huge building site. Whoever built Angkor Wat would be turning in their grave!

This has lead to many a fine establishment closing, such as Hard Rock Cafe, just kidding it was shit there.

Those that survive thrive!

The city is though functioning to a kind of level, there are still teachers, bar owners and some semblance of a nightlife – alcohol bans and red zones not withstanding. Of the bar scene there is the aforementioned Star Bar and well, pretty much Pomme Siem Reap. They also have good food!

Pomme Siem Reap – The Drinks

I was previously a customer of Pomme when I lived in Siem Reap, although seldomly. You see back in the day there were a plethora of bars, now as mentioned not so much so.

Nowadays this is probably the place to be of a weekend in Siem Reap. Somme Siem Reap obviously do not serve alcohol now as there is a booze ban that everyone in Cambodia adheres to. I had a lemonade, made by Fuzzy Logic….

What is the food like at Pomme Siem Reap?

They make their own freaking biltong, which will surely get its own article one day! Basically South African jerky, but damned good.The men is pretty small and focuses on some amazing breakfast wraps and some fine Thai dishes, I had a few of the wraps and they went down very well. The Thai food was pretty good too.

Although for breakfasts, it was the next day at Cafe Sorya that I was to be truly blown away.

So, if you’re stuck for food and ideas for a night out in Siem Reap and believe me it is easy for that to occur, then you can do worse than head to Pomme.

Why is it called Pomme? I still haven idea….

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