Street Food Stung Treng

Seeing as I’m doing a whole day, night and morning in Stung Treng, I’ve decided to crack out three blogs on the little place! Here’s the Street Food Stung Treng Guide.

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Stung Treng Street Food

OK! Let’s start from the beginning, the best place to hang out in Stung Treng is on the riverside overlooking the Mekong. The town is based around the river, all the best guesthouses are here and you will see lots of umbrellas representing folk ready to sell you stuff!

What can you get on the riverside in Stung Treng?

Cambodian sausages, Cambodian fried noodles, coconut water, Khmer BBQ and cold beer. They even have cold beers negating the need to have beer on ice.

In the evening we headed back here for beers and I have to say the sunset from the riverside of Stung Treng was amazing, as was the wonderful lightning show we were treated to. Sunset, beer and storms really are what make this place special.

Give me more street food!!!!!

I thought you’d never ever ask! In the centre of Stung Treng leading down to the river and near the Stung Treng wet market there is a very French style park. There are food vendors literally everywhere here.

The whole street food gig links up around the wet market and at night just explodes. We opted for some chicken, Cambodian style jerky (not all that great) and a salted duck egg. I’m a big fan of Chinese salted duck egg and found the Cambodian variant nice enough. Only beer though was Ganzberg, but I was man up enough sup up tis god awful beer.

As you can see I have included quite the gallery for the delights of the Stung Treng street food scene!

And the bar/restaurant scene Stung Treng

Now it is worth keeping in mind that we were traveling through Stung Treng city during COVID-19, so not exactly whoop whop high season. The main town from the waterside back is very easy and it is hardly a metropolis. Aside from the street food theres a ton of Khmer restaurants and at least one western/India style gig.

We were not exactly expecting miracles here, but they deliver on every dish, from Khmer ones such as loc lak to a beef burger. Was this a good burger? No. Was it the best burger in Stung Treng? Yes the best burger in Stung Treng.

They also officials had a cocktail list, but alas I wa snot to experience a Gin & Tonic Stung Treng!

And that is the Stung Treng culinary scene in a nutshell. Ignore the Lonely Planet, this is very much worth a visit!

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