Snakefish and Cambodian Sausage

After previous successes at Dy Villa Restaurant in Phnom Penh, I decided to continue with my Cambodian cuisine adventure by ordering two random things from the menu.

After ordering the snakefish and Cambodian sausage (two dishes) the waiter duly told me either could be had with rice, or beer, as in they were both great beer snacks. Guess what I went for……..

So, the snakefish, I am not going to lie I was not really expecting much, with my worry being that it would taste altogether too fishy. Nothing could have been further from the truth, it was like halfway between fish and chicken weirdly, and as my trusty waiter had assured me worked absolutely great with beer!

Now, to my Cambodian sausage, well sausages, four to be exact, pork, rather circular and burnt to a crisp! Flavorwise it was similar to sausages of its type I had at Chinese BBQ, being spicy, but also a lot sweeter than we are used to with a western sausage, such as my beloved saveloy, or battered sausage.

Overall far from a filling meal, but it made greet street food whilst watching the world go past on a busy Friday night in Phnom Penh.

I finished my evening by popping to Circle K, which seems to be the local variant of Seven-Eleven, where I was amazed by the array of goods compared to your average Chinese convenience store.

Western cigarettes, Jinro Soju, and something I had totally forgotten I had missed crab/ocean sticks, and a cheese sandwich.

I can now confirm that crab sticks go great with soju……

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