ABC Stout – The best in Cambodia?

ABC Stout, or rather ABC Extra Stout is the best selling Guinness knock-off in the Kingdom of Cambodia, but is it any good and should you drink it?

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The Cambodian Stout Scene

All of the main beer players of Cambodia make their own version of the black stuff, ABC is the leader of the pack, probably closely followed by Black Panther Premium Stout,which is brewed by Cambrew, who also make the iconic Angkor Beer from their brewery in Sihanoukville.

ABC in turn are produced in Kandal by Cambodia Brewery.

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ABC Stout -what’s the story?

According to the people at Cambodia Brewery, who also cook up Heineken and Tiger in the country;

“Determined, confident and successful, APB’s proprietary ABC Extra Stout reflects its core drinker’s values and self-image. ABC Stout drinkers know what they want and will go the extra mile to get it. They want the best and do not settle for anything less. Appreciated for its full-bodied and robust taste, ABC is the leading premium stout in Cambodia.”

Loosely translated it is very popular in the countryside and popular with serious drinkers, rather than your run of he mill Matrid drinking amateurs.

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ABC Stout – where can I get it?

ABC Extra Stout is literally available everywhere, from AEON mall to a backstreet vendor in Prey Veng. Whilst mostly drunk by locals it also has a bit of a cult following among Barang.

ABC Stout
Angkor Market

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ABC Stout is it any good?

How long is a piece of string? Wrong analogy, “Horses for courses”. You cannot close your eyes take a sip and be transported to Dublin, lets just say that. Un fact it has much more in common with Guinness Export enjoyed in Jamaica and Nigeria than a finely sourced glass in the old country.

It is though palatable and makes a good change from the slightly average Cambodian lager scene.

The craft beer scene and stout

The craft beer scene in Cambodia is growing though and many fine stouts are being made by people such as Fuzzy Logic among others. If you are searching for fine stout, go to a good craft beer place. If you want to hang loose with your Khmer friends, bring a bag of ABC Stout.

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