Mattrid Beer – is it worse than Ganzberg?

Mattrid Beer was something I was recently to discover on a drive to Prey Veng province. I had not heard of the stuff before, but much like Ganzberg was littered on billboard advertisements once you left the capital city.

There are many beers in Cambodia, if you count craft beers. If you do not count craft beers then there are 5, Angkor Beer, Cambodia Beer, Anchor Beer, Ganzberg and Mattrid.

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For whatever reason fate would somehow have me try this beer within days of discovering it.

Why did I drink Mattrid Beer?

Mattrid Beer
Mattrid Beer

I was to end up watching the football in Star Bar – Siem Reap, you know the one where England predictably lost, but yet everyone was still supposed to be “proud”. Anyway the next night we went for Sushi.

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Sushi Bar turned out to be a revelation, a surprise in the weird world that is dining and drinking in Siem Reap right now, but Star Bar were to tell me that had a beer so bad it could only be had with ice, Mattrid. I simply had to try it.

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How bad is Mattrid Beer Cambodia?

Mattrid Beer Cambodia

Not nearly as bad as I had expected and was mot similar in taste to a Cambodia Beer. They even do the ring-pull thing where you can win stuff, I merely got a thank-you, rather than a winner.

By itself the beer was bearable, but as suggested by the host I ended up adding ice. Mattrid Beer with ice was passable, with me also adding sprite to make the Song-Dok Shandy (Trade-Mark).

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Ganzberg vs Mattrid – which is worse

Ganzberg by a country mile, I am not even going to write much about this, you can simply read my Ganzberg blog here, or worse still actually drink the wretched stuff.

Who makes Mattrid Cambodia?

A Cambodian brewery that actually invested $78 million in their plant in 2020, so not to be taken lightly. Owned by Inter-Mattrid Beverage (Cambodia) Co Ltd, with the Facebook page adding;

 “Mattrid Beer is brewed with the finest ingredients and the latest technology from Europe to YOU for the best-testing beer.”

Mattrid Beer Spokesperson talking nonsense

Me feels they may well have fallen short here. You can read the FB page here , apparently despite having almost 80 million to throw at a plant they cannot afford a few hundred dollars for a website.

And that is Mattrid Beer – You Have Been Warned!

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