Street food Belize and Islandia

What is the street food Belize and Islandia scene? OK, so you should know what Belize is, but if you don’t its a country in Central-America. What makes it unique is it was the only British colony around all the Spanish ones. Guatemala  still claim them, but they have the Queen on their notes and a British military base – hurrah! Belize has a great street food scene….

The Principality of Islandia is a country that was formed after we crowdfunded buying a private island, namely Coffee Caye. No one lives there, so as of now there is no street food scene.

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Street Food Belize 5 of the best

Belize is surrounded my Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and the sea. It was also a British colony so the street food here is an eclectic mix of Mexican, Hispanic and Afro-Caribbean dishes. You can also get fish and chips and there is a sizable Chinese community here.

The Chinese for in Belize, much like Nauru is not very good, but at least I got to speak Chinese a little, it is tough rather strange to see a Chinese lady speak broken English in a thick caribbean accent.

Best street foods of Belize

Street food Belize
Street food Belize credit own photos


Super tasty crunch fried tortillas soaked in beans, cabbage chutney and would you believe it dutch rather than Spanish cheese. Available at plenty of roadside stops and on the seafront of Belize city.

Street Tacos in Belize Street Tacos in Belize are everywhere and this is the quickest and easiest snack to get you by. A tortilla wrapped around chicken, with chills and whatever else you want thrown in for good measure. Also a good vegan option, as well as the perfect breakfast with a coffee, or snack to go with some Belize beer.

Belize Meat Pies

For whatever reason, well the reason must be the British influence Belize make damned good pies. Party with ground meat, veggies and seasoned. This is the one dish that has a real Afro-Caribbean flair to it. Add the hot sauce to make it truly sexy.


OK, so this is not food, but it counts. You take a beer add tomato juice and tobacco, or another hot sauce and drink it. Great for a hangover and a bit like a Bloody Mary. More famous in Mexico, but readily available in Belize.

Street BBQ

When I was last in Belize we were lucky enough to stumble upon some kind of fair. They sold some great BBQ chicken and pork, like the kind of jerk chicken you get in Jamaica – truly top stuff. What I really love though is the mutton, again a big thing in these parts.

Street Food Placensia

This was the first place we went island shopping and I really loved the town. There were lots of good street food items, such as great seafood, but what really blew me away was the Fanta! OK, so I like #FantaQuest – which you can read about here.

Basically the job is to  find the weirdest Fanta! I found Fanta Tonic Water – Literally shit you not!

Street Food Principality of Islandia!

There is currently no street food on Coffee Caye, or Islandia, but we are planning on making a resort. One day there will be a Street Food Guy restaurant on this island – this is my dream.

In the short term though we will be visiting and having a big BBQ party! Therefore the first street food on the island without streets will be well cooked meat, we cannot wait.

To check out our Belize tour click this link and better still come join the Street Food Guy on his island!

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