5 Reasons to Visit Prijedor

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Bosnia for the first time, and wow it was an epic weekend! The majority of my time was spent in the town of Prijedor, I kind of fell in love with the town a bit, so here are the Street Food Guy’s top 5 reasons to visit!

5) No one else goes there

When it comes to tourism in Bosnia the obsession seems to be war chasing in Sarajevo and Mostar, but hey the war is over and there are other places to visit. The point in the case, we were the first foreigners our taxi driver had ever seen in the town!

4) It’s a city of Murals

Prijedor prides itself on being the city of murals and they are not wrong! Throughout Prijedor you will see some great street art, some of it sanctioned, some of it not. We even saw a drawing of Mr. Hanky.

3) There’s a great swimming spot

On day 2 in Prijedor I was shall we say somewhat hangover, our hosts suggested we went swimming in the river, which apparently the whole town decided to do as well. An absolutely beautiful summer spot, and well it cured my hangover.

2) Parties in the park

Two nights running the main park (with tables) was full of revelers who all brought alcohol, much of it homemade, and we partied away before the music festival we were to later attend. And the best part? Everyone cleaned up after themselves and it was left spotless.

1)   Aggressive hospitality

Our Serbian hosts introduced us to the concept of “aggressive hospitality”, where you are overfed and overwatered accompanied by great conversation. In my experience, Serbs are the best hosts in the world, but Bosnian Serbs take things to a whole new level!

So, that’s my view of Prejidor! I think realistically we would have had a much different experience had we not been accompanied by Serb friends, but come here anyway, who knows you might make new friends.

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