The Marshall Islands Resort (MIR)

For the last 3 years, we have stayed at the Hotel Robert Reimers in Majuro, whilst eating dinner at the Marshall Islands Resort. To cut a long story short we had a lot of issues with the Robert Reimers Hotel, such as one of our guests being overcharged on her credit card (and Robert Reimers fighting it), and also our guests simply being put into the wrong rooms, and thus us getting overcharged. In 2019 I decided to cut out the middle man by giving MIR a chance. Was it to be a smart move?

The rooms at MIR are simple, but decent, with excellent air-conditioning. Better than the rooms at Robert Reimers, but not the beach houses.

The Pub Majuro

The restaurant at MIR is still probably the best in Majuro, with me going for their specialty the Marshalesse Poke. Drink prices are like $5 bucks a beer, with breakfast also included (it is not at Robert Reimers). On the night that way we stayed the President of the Marshall Islands was holding her party here, you don’t get a better stamp of approval than that!

Within walking distance of Marshall Islands Resort are a few busy bars, such as the imaginatively named “the pub”.

It was a quick trip, but I was glad we’d changed from the Hotel Robert Reimers to the Marshall Islands Resort and will keep it that way for future tours.

Next stop Hotel Nauru…

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