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One night in Majuro…

The way the trip worked meant instead of two nights in Majuro of Marshall Islands fame we’d get one. Not entirely ideal, but hey, you gotta roll with the punches.

We’d moved from staying at Robert Reimers Hotel due to constant issues we’d had (avoid staying there if you don’t want payment issues) and had moved to Marshall Islands Resort (MIR). Which is also the best restaurant in Majuro. Dinner was to the level we’d come to expect, I went for Marshallese Poke, a raw fish variant popular amongst island folk.

Marshallese Poke

Ironically the Presidential Christmas party was going on there too, and we got to see lady president strutting her stuff in the distance. We then decided to sample the old nightlife of Majuro. We went to “The Pub”, the imaginative named place came with a cover charge, but also the chance to kick it a bit with the locals. Four dollar gin and tonics, yes please.

Rum in an ice-cream tub in Majuro

The way back involved road pops and a nightcap at the Marshall Islands Resort, they’d ran out of coke, so we drank straight rum, and then woke up everyone’s roommates.

The Pub Majuro

Things were done, pictures were taken, but the important thing as always was that everyone lived happily ever after.

The End

The end.

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