Is Hooters coming to Cambodia?

Is Hooters going to open in Cambodia? The short answer is not right now, but the long answer is probably.

We’ve previously dealt with that eternal expat dilemma of it McDonalds is coming to Cambodia, it isn’t, but what about Hooters? famous for their ribs, burgers and ladies with large chests. So is Hooters coming to Cambodia? Like everything it is a bit complicated.

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The two Cambodian branches which were due to open were a part of a 30-location Southeast Asia development agreement between Atlanta-based Hooters Inc and Bangkok-based international franchisee, Destination Resorts Co Ltd, signed in January 2015.

We assume that the two locations to have been Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, both of which also have Hard Rock Cafe.

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So why is there no Hooters in Phnom Penh?

Is Hooters coming to Cambodia?

They managed to open in Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia (of all places), but things dragged as they do in Cambodia, but as late as 2017 Hooters claimed to still be in intend on opening in the capital.

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Is Hooters coming to Cambodia?

Apparently, a building had been purchased and renovations were begun, nut spiraling costs and a seeming lack of progress and development put paid the buxom ladies of Hooters entertaining the men folk of Phnom Penh.

And now of course we have coronavirus, where no one is invested in anything it seems, so for now at least the chance of Hooters opening anytime soon are slim, but keep the faith people! Surely when life gets back to normal Hooters will take the plunge in Phnom Penh!

Oh and apparently there is/was a Hooters on 130 Street, as you might imagine much like the Hilton Hotel around that area, it is not to be confused with the real McCoy…

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